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Our role and missions

SAI, Société des Artistes Interprètes, the French performers’ society, is a performers’ rights collective management organisation founded by Adami (French collective management organisation for the rights of performers) and Spedidam (French society for the collection and distribution of royalties for performing artists).

In 2016, Spedidam and Adami signed a major agreement gaving new impetus to SAI in order to strengthen performers rights and anticipate their international developments.

SAI already collects all international remunerations due to associated artists members of Adami and/or Spedidam, and pays these remunerations to performers who have entrusted both Spedidam and Adami with the management of their international rights.

Additionally, SAI manages the « additional 20% remuneration » related to the extension from 50 to 70 years of the duration of the rights of performers in the sound domain. As such, producers are invited to make declarations directly on SAI website by clicking on the producer area link.

In the long term, SAI will ensure the joint payment of the legal remuneration (equitable remuneration and private copying remuneration) due to performers.

Description of SAI missions

The governance

Management Board : Fabrice Vecchione et Bruno Boutleux.

Supervisory Board : Karim Kacel, Christine Delaroche, Michèle Simonnet, Laurence Pons, Christophe Colette, Georges Le Moigne.


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